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Taking my business in a new direction took careful planning and lots of hard work. I hand picked people who were going to help me make the best decisions and that brought their skills and expertise to support the process. With Aranka and her team we were able to take a fresh perspective on our existing clients through a comprehensive interview process and our new brand direction was critical for the culture of our organisation.I love my new logo and the brand development is underway. We have also gained much for our customer insights program and the sales quality tool that were prepared by the Einstein team.

Amanda Cassar


I was referred to Einstein Marketing Group for assistance in launching my Company website.Even though the design concept was in place, the website had numerous operational problems. With one short meeting, Aranka provided me with the expertise needed in resolving this issue.Aranka has vast experience in all aspects of marketing and brings several years of expertise to the table.Einstein Marketing is now my preferred marketing wing for any future promotional concepts.

Julie McDermott


I was introduced to Aranka and the Einstein Marketing Group through a trusted colleague. We spoke on the phone and, within minutes, I knew I had discovered gold. A huge relief! Aranka was empathetic and generous with her time. She asked all the right questions and very quickly defined my marketing challenge.

Joanna Giles


Aranka Nolan developed my website www.stressace.com and since then I have received many complimentary comments from website visitors. They say that the site has a very warm and welcoming feel to it and that it looks professional as well. This is the perfect combination I was looking for. I found Aranka to be well informed and very thorough, organised and systematic in the way she went about setting up my website. I enjoyed working with her as a team and am absolutely confident in recommending her services to others.

Anca Ramsden


With a strong teaching background I have lead a very busy life meeting the needs of others. When it came to starting the journey to establish a more entrepreneurial approach to my business I was fortunate to have Aranka help me see what was possible from a brand point of view and she build on my existing knowledge to grow my marketing activities. It has made a big different and I appreciate all that has been achieved.

Jackie Slaviero

Modernising any association takes great skill, patience and expertise. To take an aeromodelling association on a journey to improve their visibility in NSW was quite a complex job. Our members are older and less marketing conscious but Aranka and her team got us to agree to one name out of many, one design out of many and finally one website out of several. None of it was easy but the results have been outstanding. We are not tackling social media, email marketing and other new approaches to how we engage our members.

Robert Carpenter

President of Aeromodellers NSW