CEBit Offer

As aCeBITn attendee of CEBit, I am offering to spend thirty minutes with you to discuss how the Science of Companies can be applied to your idea so that you can raise funding from customers and/or investors. Instead of asking my usual rate of $250 this is your complementary introduction.

What will happen during the session?

  1. I would like to hear a little about your idea. (If you are at all concerned about your Intellectual Property, I am happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement on the day).
  2. I will ask a few questions.

What will you receive?

  1. Feedback as to whether I’ve seen the idea before (I’ve seen over 1,000 ideas from Entrepreneurs over the last two decades).
  2. A recommendation as to how your idea can be taken to the next stage by applying one or more of the many Investor Readiness Level tools – whether it be identifying customer to seeking funding.
  3. I will invite you to other events I’m organising and, if appropriate, email you details of the next step I recommend.

This is a risk free opportunity to test your idea. There is no obligation upon you at all. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Space is limited… so book a slot now!